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You’ll have lower electricity bills, a higher home value, and you will contribute to easing climate change off the radar. 8760 Solar Solutions provides at cost solar installation services to most homes.


From small businesses, universities, government buildings, to large corporations and industrial buildings, solar energy proves a worthy investment. Commercial solar cuts operating costs nearly in half and you may deduct up to 26%** in the cost of a solar panel system due to the Solar Investment Tax Credit.

*Beginning in 2023, the Solar Investment Tax Credit will lower to 22%.


It not only powers your machinery and buildings, but it also provides a variety of benefits to different farming communities. It promotes growth productivity and improves the quality of life of animals and plants.

Affordable Energy

Solar At-Cost

Our Solar At-Cost Program gives solar homeowners a significant discount on our solar panel systems and a 5 year lease plan. Solar drastically reduces your monthly bill and saves you thousands of dollars over the lifespan of your solar panels. Combine both our program and the given savings from solar energy, you’ll be saving thousands of dollars each year.

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Who We Are

We’re Jason and Ryan, owners of 8760 Solar Solutions. We service Colorado and Idaho for each states’ residential, commercial, and agricultural needs! We focus on saving money for our customers. With over a gigawatt of combined solar experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide all the benefits of solar to our growers.

8760 Solar Solutions LLC was officially launched in 2019 when Jason and Ryan brought their years of experience, dedication and resources together to serve the Agriculture Solar market.


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