What Makes Solar The Best Energy Alternative for Irrigation

Solar panel systems create the ideal environment for building an ecosystem of renewable energy powered agriculture systems. Solar energy drastically reduces the costs of livestock watering and water irrigation for crop farms. The reduction in the cost is to make the system affordable for the farmers, which perhaps provides the best alternative option that saves cost and provides efficiency.

Fuel, Grid Powered Electric, or Solar Powered Irrigation

There are different ways of powering your irrigation system.
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Fuel powered water management systems are one of the more common ways of powering irrigation systems with over 1.1 million acres of farmland. Fuel includes propane, diesel, gasoline. The problem with fuel powered systems is that the prices are inconsistent and they are becoming obsolete as an energy source. 

Electric pumps from grid networks or generators are also variable in cost and are on the rise in price. To combat the inconsistent electric prices, solar power irrigation systems have taken the agricultural community by storm.

Solar powered irrigation systems are

Solar energy is renewable, reliable, and consistent. You will almost always know what your electric bill is going to be and you’ll save money generating electricity rather than taking it from the grid. Fuel and grid-electric systems are unpredictable, controlled by an outside source, and an inefficient system of energy.

Solar Powered Pumps

Creating a solar powered irrigation system requires an immense amount of knowledge and patience. When done correctly, it saves the farmer water, money, and energy. Solar powered pumps are easily upgradable and can be customized based on what the farmer needs. It’s inexpensive and accessible technology that benefits farmers in all forms of agriculture.

Solar power greatly reduces the cost of electricity and is an ideal alternative to fuel or grid powered electricity. During the day you can use solar power and at night you may rely on solar batteries, your fuel, or the power grid. You use less fuel and more renewable energy.

With little to no maintenance required, a well integrated solar panel system is your answer to reducing costs and saving energy.

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