Customer Success Story

Name: Philip Smartt
Type of farm: Potato and Potato Seed Grower
Location: Monte Vista, CO, 81144, US

What Made You Decide To Go Solar?

We have always known there are excellent solar opportunities here in Colorado, and it has been in the back of our minds for the past thirty years to eventually look into it properly.

Within the past ten years, we’ve noticed the efficiency of solar panels has gotten a lot better, as have the available government incentives. We have also seen solar energy grow in popularity across the state.

Overall, the main reason that pushed us to go solar is that it gives us the ability to self-produce our own energy, resulting in big savings on our energy bills. And the fact that it’s a sustainable way to produce energy was a big draw for us too.

How Did You Start the Process of Moving Over to Solar?

We looked at solar projects with Xcel, and then we began with a full analysis of the entire farm and what was possible. The initial proposal was several times bigger than the end result. However, we worked with the team to look at the scope of the whole farm, including the rural electric REC standpoint and then sized it down until it was at a scale that worked for us.

The team then gave a presentation on the proposal to show us how the project would work, including the available government tax credits and incentives, and we went from there.

The installation process took a total of 191 days, and the end result was a 4-meter installation with a 98.3 kw DC production capability.

Have There Been Any Challenges During This Project?

The grant process has been long and difficult, but I am pleased to say it was finally approved on July 8th, 2023. 8760 Solar has fully supported us throughout this process, but the government has made it a challenge to move through it all and get the grant successfully.

The tax incentives were good, but now we need to gain a really good understanding of what we have saved so far. The hardest part of the financial analysis is not from the tax standpoint but from the actual production standpoint. For example, correctly trading the credits. 

We need to pull all the numbers together to show the energy production, energy saving, and tax credits so we can see exactly how effective this project has been for us.

Additionally, aside from 8760 Solar, there is a real lack of good options (solar installers) around, and it’s hard to find someone else with the appetite and willingness to come and take on projects like ours. Part of the grant process was the requirement to get several quotes from different solar installers, but that simply wasn’t possible.

How Would You Rate Working With 8760 Solar?

We’ve very much enjoyed working with 8760 Solar. The whole team has been extremely helpful and responsive every step of the way. Plus, they always answer when we call – and we call a lot!

Whenever we had questions, especially about the grant application process, the team always took the time to answer them. There were also a few installation hiccups that were resolved quickly and efficiently.

It was also important for us to use local manufacturers and producers for the project. We were very happy to learn that 8760 Solar takes this very seriously and sources its materials from local suppliers and manufacturers as much as possible.

“Overall, 8760 Solar was excellent to work with, and we especially appreciate the dedication and responsiveness of the entire team.”

If You Were to Do the Project Again, What Would You Do Differently?

Nothing, we were happy with how everything progressed.

Want Solar For Your Farm?

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