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Take advantage of the solar benefits from installing solar panels in your home. Residential solar is quickly becoming the leading renewable energy technology that is proving to remove the carbon footprint off the map. It begins with a free consultation with 8760 Solar Solutions and ends with you immediately seeing money saving results!


As electricity prices go up, farms throughout the country are spending 1-6% of their income on electricity. Solar on farmland drastically reduces grid electricity usage and saves farmers thousands of dollars per year.


Large scale businesses utilize nearly 35% of the U.S.’s electricity. Install solar to cut back on electricity costs and take a step towards saving the environment.

Solar Consultation

We provide free consultations to anyone who wants to ask about solar. We’ll show you what steps you can take to install solar and what your best options are. We provide solar AT COST. You’ll receive the best service at the best possible price.
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Solar At-Cost

Start saving on your electric bill. Our competitive pricing gives you the best deal possible. Save your wallet and the environment!