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Solar panels are made of silicon solar cells held together by a metal frame which transform sunlight into renewable energy.

Direct Current to Alternate Current

Inverters convert DC electricity into AC electricity. It takes the raw solar energy and transforms it into more house-friendly energy to power your home or farm.

Save on Solar

We want to spread solar energy to every family. We’re installing solar panels to residential homes and agricultural farms at cost. We offer you a 5 year workmanship warranty on your solar panels. We only distribute top quality solar panels that are free of defects. You’ll save thousands of dollars per year!

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Solar panels typically last 25 to 30 years. Sometimes even longer if they are well maintained!

It highly depends on how much electricity you’re using on average per month. For residential areas, you may install solar panels on your roof or on the ground. 8760 Solar Solutions will conduct a thorough survey of your property and create a layout that works within your budget.

There will be times where you need to replace some of the wires because rodents chew on them. Solar panels are a low maintenance energy technology that barely requires you to do much. Periodically check the wires and make sure your panels are free of dust and other debris.

In most cases, your power is connected to both the local power grid and your solar inverter. When it’s night time, cloudy, or your power goes out, your system will automatically connect you to your power grid. You will spend less money on electricity and you have a backup in case your solar energy is not usable at that time.

You will receive what is called a utility meter. This allows you to track how much energy you are using throughout the day and receive a monthly and/or yearly chart. It’s common to produce a surplus of electricity as a solar panel user.


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