Easy Tips of Solar Panel Maintenance and Cleanliness

Buying solar panel Maintenance is a great investment as they are durable and last for years. A good quality solar panel can last for around 35 years, but surprisingly the good quality panels have a performance warranty of 25 years. So, if you are taking care of them properly, they can give you a maximum output for more than 25 years.

Solar panels produce energy when the sun shines on them. However, any hassle such as dust, vegetation, or snowfall can limit electricity production. If you live in a region that is dusty or you go through snowfalls, you need to clean your solar panels annually to improve electricity production. Here are some tips that will help you to find out the factors that lead to solar panel maintenance near me.

Make Sure the Solar Panels are Getting Enough Sunlight

Usually, the solar panels are installed on the rooftop from where they can get the most sunlight directly. Keep it in your mind that the building and trees around keep growing. This could cause the shade and direction of the sunlight. If you want maximum outcome from your solar panel, make sure they are placed at the right location.

Check your Solar Panels After Any Unfavorable Weather Conditions

Most people do not have any idea how badly a tornado, storm, or hurricane could affect solar panels. The glass of the solar panels is durable but can crack if extreme weather comes through.  These broken solar panels have a direct impact on production, so if you notice anything, contact an expert to get it fixed.

Monitor the Energy Usage

In today’s market all solar inverters come with monitoring capability.  All you need is a stable Wi-Fi or cellular signal.  The inverter manufacture has a monitoring portal that updates the energy production throughout the day, this allows you to track how much energy is producing and how much energy you didn’t have to buy from the Utility. 

Check the Roof Penetration and Rack

Bolt penetration into a rooftop holds the weight of the panels and supports structural racking. In rare cases, if you observe any leaks, promptly contact the team who installed the panels. Even if the fault looks minor but, never try to fix it yourself. If your solar panel is under installation warranty this will be cover.  

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