5 Smart Greenhouse Upgrades Farmers can Easily Make Today

The lifespan of a greenhouse is on average about 10-15 years. Eventually you want to upgrade your greenhouse parts to improve your system. Below is a list of greenhouse upgrades you can start to extend the life of your greenhouse.

1. Ventilation

Ventilation system includes air filtration, sterilization, and air-diffusing to encourage fresh air to spread across the greenhouse. A venting system on the roof could also prevent pests and disease. It’s important to maintain your vent system so that your plants can strive in the most optimal conditions.

2. Watering Systems

Aka your irrigation system. You want to always maintain your irrigation system because the plants rely on water to grow. You want to replace your irrigation lines, clean, and sterilize on a regular basis.

3. Heating systems

Heating is important to maintain your greenhouse temperature. People use coal, wood, oil, and fan jet systems. When you upgrade your heating by using an alternative heating system, make sure you consider the costs changes and heating efficiency.

4. Electric controls

Modern systems include using electricity to power your heating, water, ventilation, and other monitoring systems. You can increase your efficiency and keep up with the competitive crop market. You’ll have a better understanding of your crops with more finely tuned systems with electricity.

5. Solar Panels

Solar panels are a huge upgrade to your agricultural systems. Because the sun is a renewable resource, you’ll constantly have free energy to power your upgraded systems. It opens the doors to many ways to maintain, grow, and modernize your greenhouse to the current age.

They are safe for animals and your crops so you won’t have to worry about damages to your farm. Studies have shown that crops benefit from solar panels because of the shaded areas it provides. This helps the wild flora grow and thus bees and other pollinating insects will fly around your farm.  

It will not only power your systems, solar energy may be used for solar thermal heating. This means that you may incorporate solar thermal energy into maintaining your greenhouse crops, your housing temperature, and heating your animal stalls to ensure they are also well taken care of.

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