How Agrivoltaic Systems Actually Improve Soil Quality With Solar Power

Soil is the literal foundation of farming. Without soil, there would be no crops, no growth, no agriculture. It takes a lot of resources to maintain healthy crops and soil. Farms need massive amounts of water, nutrients, proper irrigation, sunlight and shade balance, and energy to have a functional farm that actively produces. Below we discuss how agrivoltaic systems improve the soil quality with solar power.

Solar panels that are co-located with the crops provide many benefits to the way agriculture functions. Solar panels create shade while also allowing sunlight to shine on the crops. It provides a delicate balance between sunlight and shade that most crops require during the season. The soil under the panels maintains moisture and produces greater food production. Soil may no longer experience drought stress and lessen the need for water on a regular basis. You will save money on water, crop efficiency, and generate more solar energy.

There is also a synergistic effect on the solar panels where the crops grown beneath reduces the heat stress on the panels. This allows the solar panels to produce more energy, saving farmers more financial resources.

Agrivoltaics is a collaboration between agriculture and solar energy. It maximizes the potential of how our food is produced and in what ways we can produce our energy efficiently and effectively. 8760 Solar Solutions focuses on farmers transitioning to solar energy. Give us a call today to find out how you may save money by going solar.

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