How People Use Solar Energy to Improve the Bee Population

There have been various studies that support that solar energy panels improve the bee population. Apiary farms contribute to the production of bees and solar panels produce renewable energy to homes, farms, and businesses across the United States. Bees and solar panels may seem like they would never go together, but they have a productive and mutually beneficial relationship. It was proven so beneficial that Minnesota passed the Pollinator Friendly Solar Act– A law that manages native flora to increase the bee population and utilize solar panels at their max potential.

When we create new solar farms, the land is flattened and the local wildflowers are destroyed, leaving pollinators such as bees and butterflies without food. With solar panels, apiary farms can revive the bee population by planting flowers under the solar panels. Solar energy powers their farms and also gives their bees a place to feed and breed. The flowers cool down the solar panels which allows more energy to be produced at the same time.

Beekeepers in Minnesota are taking advantage of the relationship between solar panels and the flora. Some have produced nearly 3,600 pounds of honey in a single season. They will place their bees near a solar farm site that is on average 40 acres in size. The land is optimally used to produce renewable energy, maintain the bee population, and help local farmers save money.

8760 Solar Solutions’s goal is to help farmers take advantage of the solar energy benefits. Instead of relying on fossil fuels that are harmful to the crops and animals that they sell, they can use solar energy to increase their productivity and quality. Call 8760 Solar Solutions to reap the benefits of solar energy.

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