How Solar Energy Actually Benefits Residential Homes

A well planned solar energy panel system has major advantages to your residential home You’ll see a variety of quality of life and financial benefits from using solar energy as your utility source.

Increases the Value of Your Home

Many homeowners have reported that their home value has drastically increased since they installed a solar panel system. Zillow has reported that a solar panel system adds about $9,200 dollars to a home’s value.

When a homebuyer truly understands the financial benefits of having solar panels installed, they are more likely to pay more to ensure they get the home. Many homeowners want to save on energy costs, especially homes that have a pool, two stories, or a larger property.

Save Money on Your Electric Bill

Even states that have a low cost utility rate can save money on solar installations. Colorado is on the lower end of average for electric rates compared to other states. A Colorado homeowner can save about $16,600 with a solar installation over a 20-year period. Texas and Idaho save about $10-$15,000 over a 20 year period from installing solar panels! The upfront costs can appear daunting, but financial incentives from the government as well as workmanship warranties from 8760 Solar Solutions makes the initial investment well worth the effort.

Low Environmental Impact

Solar energy is a renewable resource – Meaning that it is constantly generated from a replenishable source. Examples include solar, water, wind, and thermal energy. Fossil fuels, coals, and natural gas are sources that we take from the earth and they aren’t replenished. Utilizing renewable sources for our benefits doesn’t have a negative impact and it doesn’t produce carbon emissions.

Reliable Energy

Solar panels are extremely reliable equipment and have a lengthy lifespan of 25-30 years, sometimes even longer if the panels are well maintained. 8760 Solar Solutions also offers a workmanship warranty for the first five years and also offers a 25 year warranty on the solar panels. Our solar panels can generate efficient energy for 35-40 years!

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