How Solar Energy Can Boost Your Farm’s Reputation and Brand

Solar energy has some clear benefits. Clean and affordable energy are the biggest advantages for sure, but there are less obvious perks too.

We’re all becoming more aware of the dire need for a more sustainable and “green” way of doing things, and consumers are starting to seek out products that fulfill those criteria. 

Moreover, they are willing to pay more for these products!

As a farmer, proving yourself as a sustainable business can be difficult. Conversely, in recent times, farms have gained the reputation of being unsustainable and, in some cases, unethical.

While large-scale factory farms are chiefly to blame for this reputation, smaller farms can also do more to help improve it. 

With solar energy, you can boost your farm’s reputation and brand, and find yourself a fiercely loyal customer base. Here’s precisely how.

In a Nutshell

  • Farming with solar energy allows you to promote your products and business as a sustainable brand.
  • When consumers purchase sustainable products, they feel good, which increases brand positivity.
  • If customers feel positive about your brand, this will encourage brand loyalty.
  • Being a genuinely sustainable business gives you an edge over your competitors.
  • Consumers are willing to pay 10% or more for sustainable products.
  • Solar gives you resilience against energy cost increases and ensures your brand endures.

A Sustainable Brand

People are starting to care more about where their food comes from and how it is produced. 

The latest research from Cargill shows that 55% of global consumers are more likely to pick up and purchase a packaged food item if it contains a sustainability claim.

This number has increased by 4% from the previous survey that took place in 2019, so it shows that sustainability concerns are rising.

If we look solely at the United States, the figures are a little more conservative, but still, 37% of US consumers are more likely to purchase a sustainably produced product. This figure has also increased by 6% since 2019.

This shows that awareness of sustainability is increasing and people want products that align with it.

By switching to solar energy, you will take a significant stride toward ensuring your farm is run in a sustainable manner – and you can certainly boast about that on your produce packaging!

Moreover, if you take up the practice of agrovoltaics – where farming and solar panels co-exist on the same piece of land – you’ll be upping your game in sustainability even further. This is because agrivoltaics reduces environmental impact and harm by:

  • Generating clean energy
  • Boosting soil biodiversity and health
  • Retaining soil moisture, therefore reducing the amount of resources required to keep plants hydrated
  • Improving land efficiency and use

Brand Positivity

Consumers want to feel good about the purchases they make. They also want to feel like they are doing their bit toward creating a sustainable future.

According to a joint study from McKinsey and NielsenIQ, 78% of US consumers consider living sustainably to be important. 

And in another study commissioned by SmartestEnergy, we discovered that four out of five consumers are more likely to pick a brand that has a positive approach to sustainability. While not everyone takes the steps to live more sustainably, a whopping 90% of people agree it’s crucial to become more conscious about sustainable energy.

There’s no doubt that when someone purchases from a brand they believe makes an effort to be “green”, they feel more positive about it. They feel good that they made the right purchase instead of generating more revenue for a less ethical brand.

Increase Customer Loyalty

The previous point leads us to our next one. When consumers feel good about the brand they purchase from, they are far more likely to remain loyal.

Brand loyalty is vital to the longevity of any business. According to Investopedia, 65% of revenue comes from repeat business. Furthermore, existing customers who are loyal to a brand make purchases 90% more frequently than consumers who are not invested.

Customers who don’t feel good about your brand rarely return, but if you’ve invested in solar energy and created a sustainable brand image, people will be more likely to buy from you. When they feel good about that purchase, they are more likely to stick with your brand in the long term.

Stand Out Among the Competition

Greenwashing” is a marketing spin where manufacturers slap vague labels on their packaging about sustainability. Unfortunately, businesses can do this without any tangible evidence to back up their claims.

And in a bid to seem more “green,” many businesses are doing this – farms and farm produce included. 

If you’ve wandered down the supermarket aisle recently, you’ll likely have seen slogans such as:

  • Eat green, live green
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Carbon neutral

The thing is, they don’t mean anything unless there’s something specific that qualifies these claims. With solar energy, you’ll have a meaningful and, most importantly, honest message to send to your customers. 

Produced packaged with the slogan “produced from 100% sustainable solar energy” holds a lot more clout than something like “sustainable”, and it’s this that will allow you to rise above the competition and stand out.

Increased Revenue

A loyal, dedicated fanbase of your products is bound to bring in additional revenue, but what if we told you that consumers are actually willing to pay more for sustainably sourced products?

It’s true!

90% of Gen X consumers are willing to pay an extra 10% or more for sustainable products. This is a massive increase as it was merely 34% two years ago. 

Overall, 40% of US consumers are willing to pay extra for sustainable products while grocery shopping. Given that 331 million people live in the USA, that’s a potential customer base of over 198 million people happy to pay a little extra.

That means your solar panels save you money on your energy bills and subsequently lower your production costs, all while helping you create products that can be sold at a higher profit margin.

It’s pretty incredible when you think about it!

In It for the Long Haul

Consumers don’t like to see their favorite brands disappear, especially if they are loyal to you and your products.

If your products are created from solar-produced energy, it’s an indicator that you are in it for the long haul. 

In 2021, the cost of electricity rose by an astonishing amount in the UK, and bills shot up by around 349%. They have since stabilized, but are still roughly double of what they were before 2021.

The impact this has had on UK businesses has been significant, and the rising operational costs have left tens of thousands of businesses facing collapse.

If a similar thing happens in the USA, the results would be just as devastating.

Solar gives you resilience against rising electricity costs and autonomy over your own power supply. And since your solar panels give you access to continuous, affordable power, you won’t suffer nearly as much as if you were still relying on the grid.

Moreover, solar panels last well beyond 25 years, so you get to look forward to resilient power for decades to come.

As a final point, when electricity prices do rise, you won’t be faced with the choice – and challenge – of trying to absorb those costs yourself or passing them on to the consumer. 

That means your consumers can still enjoy a sustainable product at a reasonable price, and you can continue to gain a decent profit margin. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Solar Energy Improve My Brand Image?

Solar energy can improve your brand image by transforming your product into something that is sustainably produced. This leads to an improved reputation, increased customer loyalty, and increased revenue.

How Do I Increase Business With Solar Energy?

Solar energy can increase your business because consumers are actively looking for and want sustainably produced products. Additionally, consumers are willing to pay more for these types of products, so you won’t just be increasing your customer base, you’ll be getting more revenue too.

Can Solar Energy Lead to Sustainability?

Solar energy can lead to sustainability because it is a sustainable – and clean – source of power. However, simply having solar energy does not necessarily make your business sustainable. You must also look to see what other sustainable practices you can adopt, such as recycling, using recycled or biodegradable materials, conserving water, and more.

How Does Solar Energy Help a Business?

Solar energy helps a business by creating a sustainable, low-cost source of power. Solar can reduce energy bills by up to 96%, which can significantly lower operational costs. Additionally, when a business becomes sustainable, it improves brand image and increases the number of loyal customers.

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