Why 8760 Solar Uses Trina Solar Panels

A solar system is only as good as the components it is constructed with. 

If poor-quality equipment is installed, you can be assured that it will do a sub-par job of harvesting the sun’s energy. Low-quality solar panels are also more likely to break, sustain damage, and drop faster in efficiency as time progresses.

Since solar requires such a hefty upfront investment, it’s crucial to pick solar panels that are up to the job. Often, however, you are at the mercy of whichever solar panel brand your developer prefers.

At 8760 Solar, we get our panels from Trina Solar. 


Because they are a top-rated solar manufacturer that strikes the right balance between performance and cost.

Since our clients are farmers and agricultural business owners, we know how important it is for you to have a steady and reliable electricity supply to keep things running. In our opinion, Trina Solar is more than capable of delivering that via their equipment.

Therefore, we want to share with you the reasons why we believe Trina Solar is so good, and why you’ll receive quality equipment when you choose 8760 Solar as your solar developer.

In a Nutshell

  • Trina Solar is recognized as a tier-1 solar manufacturer.
  • To date, the company has broken 25 world records in solar efficiency and performance.
  • The latest world record was achieving an efficiency rating of 24.24%.
  • Trina Solar is the world’s first solar manufacturer to become certified as a test laboratory for PV products.
  • 8760 Solar uses Trina Solar’s Vertex 550W solar panel with an efficiency rating of 21%.
  • The Vertex 550W is monocrystalline bi-facial fitted with multi-busbar technology.
  • Trina Solar provides a 30-year performance warranty and a 12-year limited product warranty.

Trina Solar: An Overview

Image credit: Trina Solar

Trina Solar was founded in Changzhou, China, in 1997 and has since established itself as a frontrunner among PV module manufacturers. The company now operates in over 60 countries and regions, creating solar modules and components for a wide range of applications, including utility, residential, and commercial energy solutions. 

Since its inception, Trina Solar has risen to become one of the largest companies in the world for producing vertically integrated solar panels and is renowned for producing reliable solar panels with excellent efficiency while still maintaining an affordable price. 

With high ratings and accolades under its belt, Trina Solar has so far managed to break 25 world records on solar cell efficiency and module power. 

It has also been hailed for its innovation and commitment to integrating the latest solar technology into its products – most notably its Vertex range of solar panels – and has pushed efficiency levels to match premium-priced competitor modules.

Trina Solar Panel Accolades

Image credit: Trina Solar

It’s safe to say that Trina Solar has achieved a lot, particularly in recent years.

First and foremost, Trina Solar is recognized as a tier-1 solar manufacturer. This ranking system was introduced by BloombergNEF as a way to help high-quality solar manufacturers stand out among the hundreds of companies that operate.

The tier system is based on bankability and the amount of non-recourse debt financing that a solar manufacturer has received. For a company to receive this type of financing, it ultimately comes down to offering a high-quality and reliable product.

In a similar vein, the company has also managed to maintain its AAA ranking in the PV ModuleTech Bankability Ratings. This is a regular report released by PV Tech that benchmarks performance in a number of categories, and AAA is the highest level a solar manufacturer can achieve.

Right now, it is joined only by LONGi Solar and JA Solar in this category, with the other 47 major solar manufacturers falling short.

Then, there’s the matter of the 25 world records that Trina Solar has broken, the latest being in 2022, when the company achieved an efficiency rating of 24.24% for its 210 mm n-type TOPCon solar cell. This was confirmed by TUV Nord and set the bar higher than ever for solar manufacturers.

Trina Solar was also the world’s first manufacturer to become a UL 61730-certified witness test laboratory for PV products. This allows the company to engage in a high level of product testing, assessment, and research.

Trina Solar Panel Options

Image credit: Trina Solar

Trina Solar’s flagship product is the Vertex module, and this is what is used for commercial solar installations. If you browse the internet for Trina Solar products, you will likely come across names such as “Honey” and “Quadmax.” 

However, these are discontinued products, and it appears that Trina Solar is now concentrating its efforts on developing the Vertex product line.

For commercial applications, there are currently two choices on offer, the Vertex 550W+ Bifacial, which is what 8760 Solar currently uses, and the Vertex N 610W+ Bifacial, which is a newly released, more powerful module than the 550W.

Let’s take a look at how they stack up beside each other:

Vertex 550WVertex N 610W
Cell typeMonocrystallineMonocrystalline
Number of cells110132
Power outage range530 – 550W570 – 610W
Max power output550W610W
Maximum efficiency21.0%22.4%
Positive power tolerance0~+5W0~+5W

Naturally, being newer technology, the Vertex N 610W costs more than its predecessor, but you do get a slightly increased efficiency rate.

For us at 8760 Solar, the Vertex 550W still provides the best value overall when you take both cost and performance into consideration.

The Vertex 550W Solar Panel Explained

Image credit: Trina Solar

Let’s discuss the Vertex 550W a bit more since we use this panel for our clients’ solar solutions.

The panel consists of monocrystalline wafers and bifacial dual glass. This means it has solar cells on the rear of the panel as well as the front, which gives it the ability to capture more light photons. 

The cells on the front of the panel capture the direct light that hits the surface, while the cells on the rear capture the indirect light that hits the ground and then bounces back toward the panel. 

Monocrystalline wafers are created from a single piece of high-grade silicon. This gives the panel its distinctive inky black hue and provides the highest possible efficiencies compared with other types of crystalline panels.

Multi-Busbar Technology

The panels also incorporate multi-busbar (MBB) technology. Busbars are thin rectangular strips printed onto the front and rear of a solar cell to conduct electricity. They typically consist of copper plating with silver paste, which serves to enhance the conductive properties.

Where MBB technology is concerned, multiple busbars are used to wire the solar cells together, leading to a higher performance for a lower manufacturing cost. Additionally, it also improves the long-term durability and weather resistance of the solar panels and is good for helping prevent micro-cracks from developing.

High Strength Resistance 

The Vertex 550W has an impressive load-bearing capacity. Its mechanical performance is up to 5400 Pa positive load and 2400 Pa negative load.

What that means in plain English is that the solar panel can withstand snow with ease and has a high tolerance to strong wind, making it perfect for outside installation and on farms.

Trina Solar Panel Standards

It’s also important to note that Trina Solar panels hold a series of certifications that ensure they meet strict standards as set out by governing bodies. The company holds certificates with the following institutions:

  • TUV Rheinland IEC 61215: Complies with the design and type approval standards covering common field performance failures.
  • TUV Rheinland IEC 61730: Assures Trina Solar panels are tested for safety against electrical shock, fire, and other potential hazards.
  • UL 1703: Complies with the National Electric Code, National Fire Prevention Association, and Model Building Codes.
  • CSA NA: Products can bear the CSA Mark and have been tested against applicable North American standards requirements.

This basically means that your solar panels have been created to high safety and reliability standards and pose minimal risk to you and your surroundings.

Trina Solar Panel Warranty

Image credit: Trina Solar

A good warranty is also important for anyone investing in solar and 8760 Solar would never use a manufacturer that provided a sub-standard warranty. 

The industry average performance warranty for solar panels is 20 – 25 years, and the product warranty is 10 – 15 years. You should be suspicious of the quality of any company offering less than that.

Trina Solar exceeds the industry average standards by providing a 30-year performance warranty and a 12-year product workmanship warranty.

The 30-year performance warranty ensures that the module will not drop lower than the guaranteed level. For the Vertex 550W, that level is no more than 2% in the first year and reduces in increments to a level of no less than 84.95% by year 30.

The 12-year product workmanship warranty covers glass breakage provided that there was no external cause of breakage, any deterioration in the appearance of the panels, or any other changes that occur after purchase.

Talk With 8760 Solar

If you’re interested in investing in a high-quality solar system that balances affordability with performance, then talk to our team at 8760 Solar.

We have years of experience in providing high-performing solar installations to farms and agricultural businesses across the state of Colorado and surrounding areas. 

Our team uses state-of-the-art technology to analyze your business and your land to determine the best type of setup for your needs. In any case, we’ll always use the Trina Vertex modules because we know they are up to the job and will make your investment worthwhile.

We can also help you take advantage of the many tax credits and financial incentives that are available for farms and businesses that go solar.

To get in touch, text “READY” to 719 470-0254 or contact us via email: sales@8760solar.com. We’re looking forward to helping you move to renewable and affordable energy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Trina a Good Solar Brand?

Trina Solar is an excellent solar brand that manufactures high-quality and high-performing solar panels for a reasonable price. The company is a global leader in solar technology and has been recognized in the industry for its innovation and record-breaking research.

Is Trina Solar a Chinese Company?

Trina Solar is a Chinese company established in Changzhou, China, in 1997. Now headquartered in Shanghai, it has expanded into over 60 countries and regions, including the USA and Europe.

How Long Do Trina Solar Panels Last?

Trina Solar panels have a performance warranty of 30 years. During this time, the performance will gradually drop. However, by year 30, they should not have dropped lower than 84.95%

Is Trina Solar Tier 1?

Yes, Trina Solar is recognized in the industry as a tier-1 solar manufacturer, and the BNEF has ranked it as a fully bankable company for the past six consecutive years. 

How Long Has Trina Solar Been Around?

Trina Solar was established in 1997 and has since expanded to 60 countries and regions. It is well-established in the USA and has plans to open a  5GW module manufacturing facility in Wilmer, Texas in 2024.

How Efficient Are Trina Solar Panels?

Trina Solar has broken a world record in solar panel efficiency,, achieving a 24.24% rating for its utility-scale panels. Depending on which module you choose, its commercial-scale panels can achieve a 21 – 22.4% efficiency.

Who Manufactures Trina Solar Panels?

Trina Solar is a solar manufacturer that makes a variety of different solar panels for residential, commercial, and utility-scale projects. Its flagship brand is the Vertex solar panel which is available in different sizes and efficiencies depending on the application.

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