Why Is Net Metering Important to Homeowners with Renewable Energy?

Net metering is one of the biggest incentives to going solar. It’s a policy that allows people generating their own energy to receive credit on their electric bill. It puts money back into the wallets of home and business owners.

How Net Metering Works

Solar panel systems are often connected to your local power grid. That way you can take advantage of solar throughout the day and use the grid at night time when your solar panels aren’t generating enough energy. 

When your solar panels are generating energy throughout the day, you are putting any excess energy into the grid. The net metering process allows you to be paid by your utility company for that generated energy. Even if you are using your electricity grid at night, net metering allows you to make up for the cost from energy produced during the day.

How To Qualify For Net Metering

It is actually an easy process to apply for net metering. You must meet specific requirements – Though realize that every state is different. 

Our service areas are Colorado and Texas. Colorado mandates utility companies to offer a net metering program. Texas does not mandate it, but there are many power companies that offer the benefit.


Similar to Colorado, net metering programs vary company to company. However, unlike Colorado, Texas does not have a net metering mandate. Luckily, due to deregulation, you may choose any electricity company that would best suit your needs. Austin, San Antonio, and El Paso are a few cities who are not deregulated and you must go through their provided single power company. Qualifications are based on each net metering program. Speak with a variety of power companies and find which ones would work best for you.


Colorado has different net metering policies based on the power company. Some companies will reimburse you and others will give you the option for it to roll over to the next month’s bill.
Qualification depends on your energy production and the energy cap your utility company has implemented. For XcelEnergy, the homes cannot “exceed 200% of historical consumption.”

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