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Affordable Solar Installations for Farmers

Solar power is an alternative energy source to fossil fuels and coal. As a renewable source, solar is consistent, reliable, and adds a production value unseen by other energy sources. It greatly reduces greenhouse gas emissions, adds nutrients back to your crops, and is not dangerous for farm animals. 8760 Solar Solutions provides farmers affordable solar installation. Solar is a tool farmers need to produce the best crops and quality livestock.

Better Crop Yield

Dr. Barron-Gafford and his colleagues compared the standard use of water, energy, and food production to solar energy usage. They found that the solar plants  produced double the crop yield at half the cost. It reduced drought problems and heat-stress, but increased carbon dioxide and water efficiency.

An agrivoltaic farming system is a balance between energy efficiency and agricultural production. It is a system that allows farmers to implement solar while not losing land.

We find that shading by the PV panels provides multiple additive and synergistic benefits, including reduced plant drought stress, greater food production and reduced PV panel heat stress.

Higher Livestock Quality

One of the great perks of having a solar panel system as a farmer is that the panels do not hurt any animals on your land. Research shows that solar panels improve the living conditions of animals such as cows and sheep. A study made by the University of Oregon, Cleaner and Responsible Consumption studied the effects of agricultural solar integration in rabbit production. They observed a significant decrease in carbon emissions compared to the conventional grid and farm system – “[the agrivoltaic system] produces 98.5% less emissions and 98.7 less fossil energy. It even was significantly more environmentally impactful compared to the non-integrated solar panel system, “producing 69.3% less emissions and demanding 82.9% less fossil energy.”

They observed that open pasture lambs drank more water and required housing to improve their welfare. Solar pasture lambs drank less water due to the shaded areas. Their pastures had an increase in nutritional value, yielding similar weight as open pasture lambs.

Solar energy for farmers is the future. Several studies have shown that there are compelling benefits to your crops and livestock that would not only increase your farming productivity, but also greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions to a substantial level. 

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