Why Installing Solar Technology is Important for Every Farm

Solar is a source of renewable energy that gets its power from the sunlight. Renewable energy is energy that is not depleted when used. This includes geothermal, wind, rain, and of course, solar energy. To maximize the use of solar technology for your agricultural farm, residential home, or your commercial building, you would need to install solar panels on your property. The solar panels then turn sunlight into electricity through an in-depth system that almost makes you independent from the power grid. With further additions, you can make your solar powered farm to be less dependent. 

Solar technology has many advantages for agriculture. The primary and more noticeable benefit is that it is less expensive, but there are global and long term benefits associated with solar as well.

Climate Change

Greenhouse gas emissions are the main contributor to climate change. Coal and fossil fuel use produces more than 3 lbs of carbon dioxide per kilowatt hour. Climate change impacts agricultural farms a great deal. When winter time begins to feel more like springtime, the crops and animals timing cycle are disrupted and as a farmer, you’ll likely produce less. Solar energy emits 0 lbs of carbon dioxide. It contributes to global warming at a significantly lower rate than fossil fuels.

Never Ending Fuel

The definition of renewable energy. The sun will always be there every day and you will always have access to its sunlight. At night, you may use solar batteries that contain a surplus of solar energy that your panels gathered during the day. You’ll have never ending fuel that ultimately benefits you in the long run. Cutting ties with the grid will save you time and money that would otherwise be spent on non-renewable energy. Even during a cloudy day or snow day, renewable energy is generated because there is still sunlight going through.

Less Expensive Electricity

The power grid electricity costs are increasing at a rapid rate. In Idaho and Colorado, state electricity costs are 7.99 and 10.27 cents respectively. While it may not seem like a significant amount, electricity generation cost for solar is currently at 6 cents with a projected reduction of 50% in 2030 to 3 cents. Electricity generated by solar panels generally pays for itself after nearly 5-10 years, sometimes even earlier.

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